Baseball 2022 Team Colors Brushes Set For Adobe Fresco.

Hello, and welcome to our America’s Pastime 2022 Team Colors Themed Brush Set for Adobe Fresco for ONLY $3. This pack includes 3 different styles ( Mirror, Stretch, and Linear ) of brushes for each 30 favorite team colors, for a total of 89+ brushes ( two color palettes only have 2 Styles brushes ). Any brushes added in the future will be yours for FREE. Some of the teams have two colors, some have three, some have more. This was a design decision made based on how the brushes looked with white,gray, or extra colors mixed in. I AM open to suggestions on future updates for these brushes. The brushes are set to 50 pixels, with NO fade or taper ( flat ). You can do some manipulating of the brushes while in Fresco, and you can definitely make edits in Photoshop or Illustrator on your file later

Note: These brushes will NOT work with Illustrator or Photoshop, ONLY Adobe Fresco and Adobe Photoshop Sketch for iOS, iPhone, iPad, and PC ( Unless you know a workaround, not guaranteed ). These are not the .abr files, they upload from the Adobe Creative Cloud, allowing you to save more room on your devices. You must also at Least have the Fresco Premium plan from Adobe ( $9.99 mo. ). As long as you have a plan that allows you to access premium brushes in Adobe Fresco, then you can use these brushes. You can still edit stuff created with Fresco in Photoshop and Illustrator, and you can still create some amazing things in Fresco. Adobe is putting forth a lot of effort into awesome updates for Fresco. This video explains the process, no sound.

Purchase, Visit Link, Copy Brushes, Open Fresco, Pick Brush, Create!

The price is only $3 for this bundle! It is a one time purchase. I offer group / educator discounts. Just email me for details.


If you would like to try a couple of FREE brushes first to see how this process works, click HERE to be taken to a FREE library. Follow the SAME instructions… Goto Link, Click “Add To My Work”, Open Adobe Fresco, Locate The Free Brushes Folder, Choose Brush, Create.


2021 America's PastimeTeam Colors Brush Set For Adobe Fresco
America’s Pastime 2021 Team Colors Themed Brushes Set For Adobe Fresco And Adobe Photoshop Sketch. ( Image Above Was Done On Adobe Photoshop Sketch ).

You can use these custom brushes on Adobe Fresco for iPhone ( list of devices ), iOS version 13 or later, iPad with iOS 13 or later, and Windows 10 version 1903 or later. Adobe Fresco is NOT available on Android yet. Also you can ONLY use these brushes if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account ( their rules, read here ). You can set up an Adobe Creative Cloud account for FREE, but the free version also comes with limited ( yet very powerful, and useful ) features. The free version is still a very good deal, and you can do A LOT of digital creating with the free version of CC and just using the mobile app, as you can always edit your creations later in Photoshop, Gimp, or a number of other photo editing / drawing / painting apps. I suggest the whole Creative Cloud Suite, as you will have access to SO much. If you have any questions, please read the Q and A at the bottom, or you can email us, and hopefully we can answer your questions. It’s not as simple as just downloading a file, I get it, but these brushes are created in Adobe Capture and their file type is not one to download. Adobe’s Creative Cloud is built for sharing these types of files through their native apps, and they have made the process pretty easy so you can enjoy these brushes.

Adobe’s Official Website Of How This Particular File Sharing Process Works.

Instructions For Purchase and Use.

If you have ANY problems, questions or complaints please do not hesitate to email. I will respond ASAP!

After your payment is securely verified through stripe, you will receive an email with your receipt. The email receipt will contain the link to the Adobe Creative Cloud Library Folder where you can access these brushes. Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see it. If you still didn’t receive it, message us so that we can fix it. Visit the link from the email receipt in a browser. You will NOT be able to add these through any of the apps, only a browser. You will see a “Copy To Your Work” button near the top of the page. When you press this, it will add these brushes to YOUR Adobe Creative Cloud “Libraries” automatically. When the page opens, it should look similar to the image below

Then you will be able to use these brushes with whichever version of Adobe Fresco that you are using. Just remember the stipulations mentioned above regarding the free account. NOTE: It’s certain that you CAN use these brushes perfectly across all of Fresco when you have the premium plan.

After you have “Copied the work” to YOUR libraries, and double checked your Creative Cloud library, open Adobe Fresco and navigate to “Pixel Brushes“, the topmost brush set on the tools panel. From there just scroll down until you see “Library Brushes”, then the brush set labeled “Fall Sports 2021 Team Colors Brush Set For Adobe Fresco”. Clicking on it will open the brush set, showing a thumbnail preview image for each, and will enable you to scroll down to select one of the brushes.

Go-to Link Provided In The Email Receipt, Click “Copy To Your Work” At Top Right, Open Adobe Fresco, Choose “Pixel Brushes” At The Top Of The Tools Panel, Scroll Down To Your New Brushes Folder, Choose Brush, Create.
Select “Pixel Brushes” At The Top Of The Tools Panel. PC Version Of Fresco On Chrome.
Scroll Down To The “America’s Pastime” Brushes.
Choose A Brush, Create Something FANtastic!


  • Make sure you at least have the Adobe Fresco Premium plan.
  • Click the “Buy Now” Button At The Top Of The Page.
  • Open Your Email Containing The Receipt With The Link On It.
  • Paste The Link Into your Browser.
  • Click On The “Copy To Your Work” Button On The Creative Cloud Page That The Link Opens.
  • Double Check Your Creative Cloud Library To ensure The Brushes Made It There.
  • Open Adobe Fresco, Navigate To The “Pixel Brushes” Tool, And Scroll Down To See Your New Brushes.
  • If You Need ANY Assistance, Please Email Us At And We Will Be Happy To Help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these brushes with Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop? NO! These brushes can ONLY be used with Adobe Fresco, ( free or 9.99 mo. for premium features ) but your creations can later be edited in either one of those programs, if you have access to them. You can also edit them in any number or photo editing / drawing / painting apps.

Do I need to download any files to my phone or computer? NO! When you click the “Copy To Your Work” button, the files automatically sync to YOUR Adobe Creative Cloud folders through the… cloud. From there, when you open Fresco, you will be able to select your new brushes from the Pixel Brushes menu panel by scrolling to them.

Can I share this link with others who have not purchased it? No! Please follow the rules 🙂 I can use metrics to see who has and who hasn’t paid while using the brushes. I tried to make this an easy purchase with the web tools I have available now. I highly appreciate the integrity.

When will I get the email containing the link to the brushes? Your email will be sent by stripe right away. When your payment is confirmed through them, you will receive the email with the link.

What if the link or brushes do not work? Please email me. If we need to talk further, I can give you my phone number through email, and we can troubleshoot together.

Why do these brushes ONLY work in Adobe Fresco? These brushes were created using Adobe Capture, and the output is limited to what Adobe offers. I wanted to make some of the best brushes available to consumers through this unique method. Keep checking back, as I will have more brushes soon.

What happens if I lose the link or I did not receive the email? Just email me, help verify it’s you, and I can send another one out ASAP for free. If this gets abused, there will be no more freebies for you.

Can I get a refund? ABSOLUTELY! If you are not satisfied with this product, we will issue you a full refund, but you will no longer have access to the brushes, as they are in a file location, not downloaded on your device.

Do you do updates / patches? Yes! If there is a particular file that is not working correctly, please bring it to my attention, so I can fix it, and update it across the folder for everyone.

What if the folder sharing program changes / ends? If something happens to where you cannot access these files due to changes in Adobe’s structure, I will notify you beforehand through email. It is also a good idea to check this page regularly for updates and NEW brushes. Fresco will be around for a while, as they are always adding pretty big updates to the software, so these files should be fine for quite a while. I will update when Adobe updates for you the customer.

Why can’t I just download a file? These brushes were made with another Adobe app, Adobe Capture. When the brushes are created, they can ONLY be saved into a Creative Cloud folder and shared amongst users. There is no file type for these like there are for Photoshop brushes ( .ABR ). I will keep this folder open ALWAYS, and if there needs to be maintenance on Adobe’s part, they will contact us, and we will let you know via email. We will also post an update to our blog and on this page. Again, if you have ANY questions, please email.

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